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For those who work in schools and with students, September 1st really feels like New Years Day. We spend the last few weeks of summer preparing for the upcoming school year, creating resolutions for ourselves, our children, and the children we service.

This time of year can be especially stressful for pediatric healthcare and education providers, as they have to create new schedules and juggle additional responsibilities outside of the work setting. All month long, we will be updating our Facebook Facebook Page, Twitter Twitter Page, Blogspot Blog and Website with helpful content on how to organize ourselves and children, how to reduce stress and avoid burnout.

We hope you had an opportunity to take some time for yourselves this summer for Unplugging and ReconnectingTM. Our staff and the affiliated consultants who participated in the Comprehensive® Unplugging and Reconnecting Challenge dedicated time to the people and activities that mean the most to them. The feedback to this challenge was overwhelmingly positive and the time was spent in a myriad of creative ways. Check out our Comprehensive® Blogspot Blog to see some of the challenge winners’ responses. Click here to view the Unplugging and Reconnecting Challenge winners.

As always, Comprehensive Network® is committed to the Mind Over Body® Approach and encourages all of our affiliated consultants to take the time to take charge of their health and life.

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Wishing you a successful new school year,
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